How Safe are Your Tyres?

They’re the round black things that sit under your car … and the only thing that keeps your car on the road! Your tyres are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, yet they are frequently the most ignored.

In the clip below, a driver brought her car in for a regular Car Doctor service. While inspecting her tyres we noticed—with horror—that three of the four were worn down to the cords on the inside shoulders. No exaggeration—this is potentially lethal as those tyres could fail at any time, any speed … anywhere.

Our service inspection always includes a full check of all tyres. The driver was shown the problem, caused by poor alignment, and the best options for resolution were fully explained. She was able to visit the tyre supplier of her choice for replacements, and to have the tracking and alignment corrected. This made her vehicle safer and reduced her costs, as correctly aligned tyres are more efficient, with less wear, lower fuel consumption and a greater degree of safety.

When you’re booking your Car Doctor service, remember the care and attention we pride ourselves on extends to your tyres. Be safe on the roads and confident your car is ready for whatever the world throws at you.