Back to School!

Skilled Mechanics Wanted to Join the Car Doctor Posse!


Howdy, folks! If you've got a keen eye for spotting top-notch mechanics and a hankering for earning some extra cash, listen up! Car Doctor is on the hunt for talented individuals to join their crew at the Quin Road Business Park in Ennis, and they're offering a shiny reward of €1000 as a finder's fee for your efforts!

Now, you might be wonderin' how this whole Car Doctor Bounty Scheme works. Well, saddle up, and let me break it down for you!

Step one is simple: Look around, talk to your friends, and keep your ear to the ground. If you reckon you've come across a qualified mechanic who's got the skills to pay the bills, it's time for step two.

Head on over our contact us page and fill in the details of your nominee. But hold your horses! Before you go makin' any rash decisions, make sure to have a good ol' chat with your nominee. You don't want to be ropin' in someone who ain't interested, now, do ya?

Once your nominee has thrown their hat in the ring and applied for the position, the Car Doctor sheriff will put 'em through their paces. There'll be an interviewa practical test, and a request for their qualifications. It's the real deal, folks!

If Lady Luck shines her light on your nominee and they're successful in their application, it's time to celebrate! You'll be tippin' your hat to the tune of a cash bounty, but make sure you're quick on the draw—if more than one sharpshooter suggests the same nominee, it's the first person to pull the trigger who walks away with the reward.

Now, let's talk timing. Once your nominee saddles up and starts workin' at Car Doctor, you'll receive 50% of the bounty after 30 days. That's a good head start! The other 50% will ride into your possession 12 months later, but only if your nominee stays on board as a trusted member of the Car Doctor gang.

Now, pardner, you might be thinkin', "Can anyone join this hunt?" Well, to keep things fair and square, members of JC Car Doctor Ltd. or iBrutes Ltd. ain't allowed to throw their lassos in the mix. We gotta give others a chance, ya know?

But don't you worry, your personal information is safe with Car Doctor. We'll keep it under lock and key, and only use it to rustle up your bounty if your nominee makes the cut. If your nominee's not accepted, well, that information's as good as dust in the wind.

So, round up your friends, spread the word, and let's help Car Doctor find their newest mechanics. It's time to show off your keen eye and give deserving folks the chance to shine. Plus, who can say no to a little extra cash in their pockets?

Yeehaw! It's time to hit the trail and start nominatin' those talented mechanics. Car Doctor is waitin' to welcome 'em with open arms and a fistful of euros. Saddle up, partners, and let's ride!

And jus' to keep it all on the straight and narrow, make sure you check out our terms and conditions first!