Beware the Hallowe’en Zombies!

‘Tis the witching hour—almost!

Thursday night is Hallowe’en, so if you’re out and about in your car on Thursday evening take care on the roads, watch out for zombies and werewolves and—most important of all—keep an careful eye out for small trick-or-treaters! These tiny monsters will be all over the streets and lanes in their search for sugary treats (braaaaaaaains), and many of them will be wearing dark clothing—or might not be road aware—so take care, go slowly where you know kids are rampaging, and have a ghoulish Hallowe’en!

And as the weather is getting noticeably colder as we come into the winter season, consider checking your car for safe winter driving. Call the Car Doctor and get your annual winter inspection sorted ahead of time, ensuring safe, dependable motoring throughout the darkest months of the year and off into 2020. A quick, inexpensive check now can avoid hours of hassle later!