JLM Petrol Extreme Clean

JLM Petrol Extreme Clean is the solution for cars and engines with severe build up and blocking problems in different parts of the fuel system.

The petrol engine cleaner makes easy work of these contaminants, that are tough and not easily dissolved with regular fuel additives. The JLM Extreme petrol system cleaner blend comprises multiple additives packaged into a highly concentrated 500ml super shot with one bottle treating 40-60 litres of petrol.

It is suitable for all petrol engines including direct injection with or without a turbo or catalytic converter.

  • Boosts the octane number by 4 points (depending on the type of fuel used)
  • Improves combustion; less soot
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces emissions
  • Super Strong all-in-one Cleaner

JLM’s Petrol Extreme Clean contains additive detergents that clean your vehicles injectors, spark plugs, inlet and outlet valves and combustion chamber.

The combined effect of the ingredients ensures less deposits of combustion residues in the cylinder and much cleaner exhaust gases.

In addition, the additive package ensures that the oily residues and soot particles that originate in the exhaust system burn at a temperature that is approximately 125 degrees lower than normal. As a result, your vehicle’s combustion will improve, fuel consumption will be reduced, and emissions will also go down.


Using JLM Petrol Extreme Clean couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps and maintain optimum reliability.

  1. Turn the engine off.
  2. Open the fuel cap.
  3. Empty 500ml into the tank.
  4. Close the fuel cap and drive away.
  5. Do not refuel until the tank is almost empty.
  6. Apply every 5,000 KM for the best results.